CARITA, epitomizes French elegance. Over 60 years ago the two sisters, Rosy and Maria Carita, pioneers of holistic beauty service, made their shared dream come true: every woman must learn how to enhance her own beauty at different stages of life. They opened up their salon in the heart of Paris determined to make it a success. The Maison de Beauté became an oasis of beauty and was soon among the most acclaimed sites in the city. Haute Beauté, the Carita sisters’ unique concept encompassing face, body and hair, is based on the recognition that beauty is in everyone. Carita aims to reveal the unique natural beauty and radiance in every woman using cutting-edge skin care products and professional cosmetic treatments. The ‘magic touch’ creating calm, relaxation and new energy is an integral part of the CARITA treatments. CARITA provides a product range that fulfills every need.
Shiseido is a global luxury cosmetics brand with more than 140-year history. Its main profile is luxury skin care, but as a result of successful professional innovations it has also achieved excellent results in the field of make-up and perfume. Shiseido is the oldest cosmetics company in the world founded in 1872 by Yoshi Fukuhara, a Japanese pharmacist. Shiseido’s philosophy unites the Japanese traditions with the Western culture, along with advanced technologies and excellent quality. According to the Japanese ideal beauty is reflected in the harmony of spirit, soul and body. It provides women, men and young people alike with a range of products suitable for the needs of all ages.