Face Care
SHISEIDO MEN pampering facial treatment
60 min 15 900 HUF
We recommend it to men with high standards and self-esteem. The treatment helps retain the youthfulness of the skin. It includes a relaxing massage, cleansing, exfoliation, ultrasound, - and replenishment through active ingredients for firm skin. During the treatment products from Shiseido MEN are applied.
SHISEIDO MEN deep-cleansing facial treatment
90 min 18 900 HUF
This treatment is recommended for men looking for a pampering facial treatment complemented with deep-cleansing. Steps of the treatment include: cleansing, exfoliation, toning, ultrasound, face and shoulder massage, deep-cleansing and a soothing mask.
SHISEIDO MEN anti-age a’la Carte facial treatment
60 min -
90 min
13 900 HUF -
25 900 HUF
The a’la Carte facial treatment is ideal for men who appreciate novelty and variation and who are looking for a tailor-made treatment with personalized solutions and products selected from the full range of Shiseido.