SHISEIDO make-up
15 min 2900 HUF
Our 15-minute make-up session is recommended for busy and sophisticated woman. It inspires and glamorizes the rest of your day.
Make-up by ANNA GERA
60 min 25 000 HUF
Make-up by ANNA GERA is for woman who are looking for the perfect make-up and who consider the right look for the right occasion important, be it in a professional, elegant or extravagant style. It enhances your beauty and makes you look exceptional, radiant and glowing.
Make-up consultation
90 min 40 500 HUF
We recommend the make-up consultation for the sophisticated woman who is open to self-development. It is an unrivalled experience to learn the secrets of make-up from Anna Gera, who shows you the colors, techniques and tools in a simple and practical way. She offers easy-to-learn methods that enhance your facialbeauty and make you feel confident. The consultation includes the application of the selected make-up.